I’ve been debating on switching this site from Blogger to WordPress for the past week or so. After years of relying on WordPress to display a more advanced blog / website (I have several other blogs), I found a base Blogger template and even though I believe it’s deprecated (not supported by the author), I like it.

After installing the code in Blogger, I’ve come to the realization that I will need to tweak some of the CSS and HTML code. Fortunately, I’ve learned enough CSS and HTML coding to do so. I cannot tell you how relieving this is. On ALL of my other sites, past and present, I’ve spent far too much time toying with the aesthetics, the widgets, the plugins, etc. for WordPress and not near enough actual posting.

When I write a blog on Blogger, I actually find that I get MORE traffic, despite what people have said in the past. Not to mention the fact that I get a lot more blogging done. Maybe the difference is that I’m actually posting. For someone who has an extremely short attention span, I believe Blogger is the best blog platform for me.

The good news is that you likely won’t stumble upon this post while the site is under construction. Then again, like I said I seem to get more traffic on Blogger (especially when I blog about blogging), so I could be wrong. If you do arrive here while we’re tweaking the code, please excuse our mess. Basically, the only thing in tact right now are the posts. The menus, sidebar, header, footer, fonts, etc. all need to be adjusted.

Hang in there! The posts will keep coming during the construction.