Meet The Vines

ms vines

I work alongside Mr. Vines for an industrial distribution company. That is how we met.

In my spare time, I love entering giveaways and sweepstakes, playing games like Candy Crush Saga to unwind, explore new recipes and try new products. I share product reviews on both of my blogs, Melissa Say What and Oh Wholly Life.

When we’re not inside, we all love being outdoors. Whether it’s batting cages, geocaching or at the driving range and more. We also LOVE to travel and can’t wait to share our adventures with you!

I bring a 15-year old son, Nicholas, into our lifetime partnership.

I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with Mr. Vines and growing our family. I’m looking forward to sharing our journey with you! I expect we’ll have a lot to share. An engagement, a wedding, a honeymoon (some exclusions apply), our first home, a baby (or babies) and lots more are in store. You’ll be able to follow us from the beginning.


mr vines

I work alongside the Future Mrs. Vines, Melissa, for an industrial distribution company. That is how we met. Melissa does most of the talking on this site. In fact, I don’t even know about it yet, or at least Melissa doesn’t think I do. (So, she told me about the website after completing the website design on WordPress. It looks great!)
I love cars (specifically my Nissan 350Z), movies, darts and bowling among many other things. Melissa shares these passions with me. Stay tuned for Android app reviews, model cars and DIY home projects.

Nicholas is Melissa’s teenage son from a previous marriage. He’s 15 and fabulous! Right now he’s our only kiddo, but we hope to expand our family soon (after the house and the marriage, but within the next 4 years).

He wore this Olaf shirt from Disney’s Frozen as part of his Christmas Scavenger Hunt, otherwise not only would he not be wearing a shirt, but I likely would not have gotten a photo of his smiling face!