Our Living Situation

Our Living Situation

We’re together all the time. We work together, but in different departments and we stay together 86% of the time. During the week, we stay at my apartment where my residency is required for my son to attend an amazing high school. On the weekends, we stay at Mr. Vine’s apartment so we can hit the pool or just veg out. The pool at his place gets much better sun coverage. I suspect that will change during the winter since we both far more prefer warm (HOT) weather. My apartment has a fireplace and his does not. Mr. Vines usually goes back to his place on Wednesday nights for some rest and relaxation. I thought for sure he would immediately hit the game console, but he told me he actually soaks in the garden tub and reads, then he hits the recliner and reads. I don’t blame him. I don’t have garden tubs in my apartment. That’s one requirement we’ll have for our future home.

Our future home is just on the horizon. Both of our leases end in March/April 2015. It’s right around the corner. Until then, we’ll have to continue this pattern even though we really don’t need the place. I love my apartment, or at least I did until I fell in love with his place. There’s something about a bachelor pad that makes me feel relaxed. Maybe it’s because his bachelor pad is more of a minimalist approach. I love minimalist. My place is far from it. I’ll definitely be doing some cleansing and purging over the months leading to Travis joining my home with me and my son. Again, I have a teenager whose school district I must maintain.

With that, I’ve been scoping out real estate to buy. I know it’s premature, but I’d at least like to get to know the market before we really start looking. We will both be first time home buyers. Not to mention, I’m either very indecisive or very picky; maybe a little bit of both. Fortunately, thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been pinning “dream home” ideas over the years. Okay, okay, so some of the pins are a bit lavish. Maybe I need to start an “Our First Home Bucket List”. So, here goes a few ideas to start…

Now I know we’re not going to find everything we WANT in our first home. We will have to make sacrifices, but this is a good starting point.

This list is just the beginning. We will tweak it together over the upcoming months as we explore real estate online. I’d love to hear about your home bucket list, whether it’s your first home or not. Please comment below. I need ideas! I’m sure I’m forgetting something as this list is not all inclusive.

Our First Home Bucket List
Lots of Windows
Flat Driveway with 2-3 Car Garage
Minimum 1 Acre
Ranch Style or Split Level
Wooden (not white) Kitchen Cabinets
Black or Stainless Steel Appliances
Large back deck
Large back yard with enough room to garden,
extracurricular activities, grilling, entertaining guests
Garden tubs
Lots of Kitchen Cabinets
Walk In Pantry
Large Laundry Room
Double vanity in master
Separate Toilet in Master
Hardwoods in main living areas, Carpet in Bedrooms