We are Quitting Smoking!

We are Quitting Smoking!

One of the things that brought Mr. Vines and I together was a long conversation of our goals and dreams. We share so many common goals and dreams. In fact, all of the goals that I’ve wanted to accomplish for so long are the goals that we had discussed. Our first discussion was months ago. Since then, we’ve casually brought up quitting smoking at least a dozen times.

Over the weekend, Mr. Vines decided that this would be the weekend he would quit. Of course, since we shared this common goal from the get go and I wanted him to continue to shower me with kisses, I figured I would quit as well.

Unfortunately, there was not enough mental and emotional preparation. The effort was far too impromptu for a challenge to defeat an addiction.

So, we’ve set a quit date of Friday, August 29th, 2014. We’re both off work that day.  With a long weekend, removed from the stresses of work and enough time to prepare ourselves we should be able to accomplish this. Not to mention, Saturday I will celebrate my 35th birthday. What a better way to honor my life than to quit smoking!

Every day, I’m working toward reducing the amount I smoke so I can reduce my cravings. A coworker of mine recently attempted to obtain Chantix. Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover smoking cessation and it would have cost several hundred dollars. So, he decided to quit cold turkey. In response to his cravings for a cigarette, he began walking on his breaks and lunch. I plan to do the same.

For me, I’ve purchased some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and onion to make a vinaigrette salad should my appetite increase as a result of quitting smoking. I’m going to pick up some sugar free hard candies for me and Mr. Vines.

Other than that, I’m going to have to do some research over the next few days on things that might help curb cigarette cravings. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them!